Meet Demonte Hamby, A Dedicated Cafeteria Worker

Antonio Wilson Jr, Features Writer


Demonte loves his job as a school cafeteria worker. He is open-hearted and loves giving back advice to the youth. He says that he wants every child in the school to go on in life to succeed not only in college but doing something that they love.

Damonte Hamby is one of Butler’s dedicated cafeteria workers.

Work Motivation

Demonte says that his work motivation is Praying. He said praying keeps him motivated because if you don’t have God then you don’t have anyone. Another motivation for Demonte is the kids and his staff members asking him “How’s your day going?” or “How are you doing?” because some people could be having a bad day, but if you stop to talk to that person, you could be the change.

How does Demonte deal with rude kids?

Demonte says that he ignores the negativity and prays that someone will help them to turn their day around. 

If Demonte could add something to the menu, what would it be?

Demonte is a big Soul Food lover. So he said if he could add something to the menu it would be some down south southern soul food, including Fried Chicken, Greens, Mac n Cheese, Sweet Potatoes, and Sweet Cornbread.