FICTION: The Butler High Massacre (Character Roles)

Ryland Bethel, Staff Columnist

Disclaimer: This is all for fun and games. Please do not take any of this seriously!

This is a story about teachers being a part of a scary movie and what roles they would play based off of the basic roles in every horror movie.

The First to Die- Mr. Joseph

Even though everyone who knows Mr. Joseph knows he’s a good person to get to know, someone has to die first and it would be him. He would die, but his death is a discovery of the fact that there even is a killer on the loose, so it’s kind of important.

Death: Everyone already suspects something is going on, but their suspicions are proven right when the killer jumps out of nowhere and kills Mr. Joseph by stabbing him through the stomach with a sharpened end of an American flag. The rest of the group discover his body and they are immediately terrified and suspicious of everyone else in the group (mainly Mrs. Barnes).

The Positive One- Mrs. Elder

Mrs. Elder is a very positive and good-spirited person, so she would be the positive one of the group. She is the one that always likes to see the bright side of things. She probably wouldn’t last too long because being positive won’t necessarily get you far in a horror movie, but she can still bring the positive vibes to the group and keep everyone calm.

Death: Mrs. Elder is probably the most terrified one of the group after finding Mr.Joseph’s body. She is still trying to stay positive, but it is extremely difficult. While she is with the rest of the group, she finds a really good, interesting book called The Great Gatsby. It kind of distracts her for a little bit, so she doesn’t realize that the group is gone after she regains focus on the task at hand. She is looking around scared hoping she can find someone in the group. She sees someone and is not sure who it is, so she runs up to them only for it to be the killer. He turns around and throws a bunch of books at her. He knocks her out, but finishes the job by slicing her neck with an extra sharp bookmark.

The Crowd Favorite- Mr.Stephenson

Everybody loves Mr. Stephenson, so why wouldn’t he be the crowd favorite. He’s the one that no one wants to die, but most likely ends up dying anyways. His death might even make you turn the movie off. He would be comedic relief as well and might annoy some of the other characters trying to survive. Just looking at his picture, you can tell he’ll bring the fun to the massacre.

Death: Mr. Stephenson is on the run from the killer in the hall. He’s using his track skills and running as fast as he can. He has almost escaped his death, but he suddenly trips and falls, landing neck first into the sharp end of a protractor. An easy “kill” for the killer, I guess.

The Random Unhelpful Cop- Coach Crite

Crite is already like a security figure at this school, so why wouldn’t he be that random cop that tries to do their job but sucks at it. He doesn’t suck at his job in real life, but in this movie, he would. The random cop usually dies trying to do their job, such as them trying to run after the killer, but they get killed in the process. Crite would die in a similar way most likely.

Death: Coach Crite would definitely die “trying” to do his job. He would have eyes on the killer within the school, follow him, and would be so close to catching him, but it would be a trap all along. The killer is two steps ahead of him, so he stabs Crite with a knife. This way, the cops won’t be on his tail any longer.

The Smart One- Mr. Miley

Mr. Miley is a chemistry teacher, the e-sports coach, and the chess coach. These are all things you have to be pretty smart to do. Therefore, he would be the smart one of the group. He would last pretty long and help come up with a solution to stop the killer and survive. Him dying would be a 50/50 chance, but he probably would be killed after he and Mrs. Barnes figure out who the killer is.

Death: Mr. Miley has just discovered who the killer is with the help of Mrs. Barnes, but before he gets the chance to tell the rest of the group this information, he is exploded into chunks with a chemical reaction made from a chem lab. Mr.Miley, being the smart one, already knew the killer would murder him, so he already wrote a message telling who the killer is and how to stop them.

The Prime Suspect- Mrs. Barnes

Mrs. Barnes is the “sus” one. Everyone thinks she might be the killer. She must go the extra mile to prove her innocence to the group before she gets killed. She would most likely be the prime suspect of the group because everyone annoying her could drive her to the edge, but she wouldn’t actually kill anyone. She would help Mr. Miley discover who the killer is, which helps the group gain her trust. But, right then and there, she gets killed.

Death: Mrs. Barnes has just seen Mr. Miley explode into pieces, and she is not safe herself. She turns around to start to run, but she sees a large bookshelf tumbling over. Before she has the chance to run, the bookshelf falls on top of her, crushing her to death.

The Lone Wolf-  Mr. Gibson

Mr. Gibson would be the lone wolf of the group. He wouldn’t trust anyone in the group, so he would want to go off alone He would be a lone wolf because he seems like the type to enjoy the moments he has to himself. I don’t want to say loner type, but for the sake of the story, he would be the loner type.

Survivor: Because he goes off alone, it would be right for his death to be unknown.We wouldn’t know if he dies or not until the end of the movie. He would survive because he would find a way to be off the killer’s radar. He would be found by the other survivors when the cop cars come to take the true killer away.

The Resourceful Heroine- Ms. Henderson

Ms. Henderson seems like she is a very smart and resourceful person who would have what it takes to survive. She would be a great role model for the group and be a friend to our main character, Mrs.Bate. Being the resourceful heroine, she would be a hero is some way, shape, or form. She would risk her life to save someone and ultimately save them and herself in the end. She would be a great survivor.

Survivor: Ms. Henderson is definitely a survivor. Being the resourceful heroine, if she didn’t survive, what hope do we have for the rest of the group. She would be the one to find Mr. Miley’s note that says who the killer is and how to defeat him. Ms. Henderson would tell Mrs. Bate about this information and they would be the dynamic duo that takes down the killer.

The Main Character- Mrs. Bate

Mrs. Bate would be the main character of this horror movie. The main character is usually the leader of the group. They try their best to keep everyone safe and survive. She would make a good main character because she cares about others and would do anything to protect everyone. She would survive in this story, since she is the main character, who usually survives until the end for a sequel.

Survivor: Mrs. Bate is a survivor. She helps take down the killer and becomes well known as one of the three survivors of the Butler High Massacre. She now gets to go on with her everyday life, but who knows when she’ll find a new teaching job. Butler High has been closed until further notice, so all teachers can either wait or find a new job. Let’s just hope that if she does find a new school, there won’t be a crazy killer there waiting for her.

The Killer- Mr. Ruggles

Given that he is the Forensics teacher, which involves murder mysteries, he could conduct a good plan to be a masked murderer in a horror movie. It would be a very elaborate plan that he could probably get away with, but ultimately doesn’t. 

Arrested: Even though Mr. Ruggles had a master plan that he thought was fool proof, he would still eventually be taken down. After Mr. Miley and Mrs. Barnes discover who the killer is and he kills them, he doesn’t realize that Mr. Miley has left a secret note for another person to find to help them capture him. This is what destroys his plan, leading to him being arrested. But who knows if he will escape jail and go on another killing spree? I guess we’ll have to find out in the sequel.

Motive: Mr. Ruggles did it because he found out that everyone makes more money than him, so he creates a plan to get rid of all the teachers so he can get some sort of a raise. He sends a note to the teachers telling them there is an important meeting. On the note, it says it’s from Mr. Allen. The teachers go only to find out they aren’t at the school late for a meeting, but to be murdered.