An inside look at Butler’s Chess Team

Ryland Bethel and Raven Brison

Today’s the day! Another Thursday chess match.

The players usually start by practicing and getting fueled up with Papa John’s Pizza (not sponsored) as they wait for the other team to arrive in the library.

When the other team arrives, the players shake hands and begin playing five versus five. Any additional players can play on the extra boards available.


During the matches, the library is quiet. All you hear is the clicking of timers as the players focus on winning their match for the team.



As the matches come to a close, the coaches tally up the scores to determine a winner. Win or lose, everyone gets a chance to learn something new and practice their skills.


It was a fantastic match of learning and competing on this particular Thursday, which would have not been possible without the chess coach, Mr. Miley.

Mr.Miley is a Junior Chemistry Teacher and also the coach of Chess.

“I decided to coach chess because it gives certain students who don’t normally play other sports the opportunity to still be competitive, but it also gives students who get injured in sports and things like that, who really like to be competitive, the chance to sit down and still be competitive. It also just sometimes gives students a dream, something they can achieve, something they can work towards, so thats why I became a chess coach,” Mr. Miley said. 

Butler’s chess team doesn’t stop there! They will continue to push towards victory against other schools and they will practice every week to do so.