Students should be allowed to Doordash food to the school


Photo by Griffin Wooldridge on Unsplash

Jeremiah Gowah, Staff Columnist

Butler Traditional High School students should be allowed to order food to the school during lunch. That’s the only time students should be allowed to order food to be delivered to the school through services such as Doordash.

Students at this school don’t like what the school offers them for lunch, and they decide to bring their own food a lot of the time. But, when they can’t do that for any number of reasons, they have money as a backup when they hungry.

They buy food from school snack sellers, but the snack sellers can get in trouble for trying to feed the students stuff they actually like to eat because it is against school rules to sell food.

The school snack sellers provide food most days, but, some days, they don’t have on snacks on them to sell until they have the chance to restock. This is when being able to order food for delivery would be helpful.

However, there should be some parameters to this process. The only students that should be allowed to order food are juniors and seniors because they have more responsibility and maturity than the underclassmen.

In addition, the students don’t have to leave campus to go get the food. All they have to do is order the food using a delivery app and a driver will leave the food at the front office for the student to come pick up during their lunch period.

Most students think the school food is nasty, so they would rather starve than have the school food. Give the option to have food delivered in an organized and efficient manner, and more students would not go home hungry each day.