Why Kids Under 13 Shouldn’t Have Social Media


Artwork by Taylor Wall

Nicolas Johnson, Staff Columnist

In the 2000’s  is when the internet started booming and everyone was using it. But there was some sort of social media before Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat took over. There were telegrams that people used to get messages through and to try and keep up with modern day news.

Social media can sometimes be too much for people and cause them to overthink things that they shouldn’t be thinking about at such a young age. So, social media should not be for children under 13 years of age.

Social media is something that, we as a society, are learning  to live with, and it is growing rapidly. It is spreading faster to the younger generation of kids.

The internet has created a whole new world of its own, and children are falling victim to not only social media but also electronics in general. Whether it be  TikTok, Instagram, or Youtube, kids can easily get caught up in social media bullies and have no way to really know who it is behind the screen because of fake pages.

In addition, content online can be overwhelmingly inappropriate and it is hard to control what kids see.

Kids are also getting so lost in social media that they are losing real life social skills. Kids nowadays start school at the ages of 4 or 5, and it is a harsh reality to learn that they can’t even appropriately speak or play with their peers because they have grown up in front of screens.

Not to mention, social media can really damage a young child’s mental health. Bullies are everywhere and it is so easy for them to hide online and spread hate.

Social media can expose kids to inappropriate content as well. It is known that one in every 10 kids on social media is exposed to some sort of explicit content.

With social media not really being categorized by age, there isn’t really a way to control what is on your child’s social media feed unless you fully monitor it, which most parents do not do.

Those under 13 should not be allowed access to social media for their own safety.