Preventing teens from entry into malls and theaters inhibits their freedoms

Age restriction/curfew


Graphic by Ryland Bethel

Raven Brison and Ryland Bethel

Malls and movie theaters, and many other places, these days have enacted age restrictions and curfews that keep teens from entering without an adult with them to supervise their behavior.

The age restrictions usually start around age 16, but some places have even made it 18, requiring individuals to present I.D. cards to prove their age and allow entry.

This age limit is far too high. The age restriction for these places should be lowered to 14+.

If the age requirements for entry were to be lowered, teenagers would have the freedom to live out their childhood as they should be free to do. Childhood is the time to be free and have fun before you have to work a job for the rest of your life.

How can teenagers learn responsibility if they aren’t given any in the first place? Responsibility is something everyone should learn, so it is best to start learning this important life skill at a young age.

Teenagers make up the majority of customers for the movie theaters and malls. Without these customers, these places would be in jeopardy of shutting down due to no business.

Some may say teens are too childish and they need more time to mature. But, if teens aren’t given the chance to prove that they can be mature, we will never know they can.

Teens need the freedom and opportunity to live their teen years to the fullest and show that they can be responsible. Therefore, they should lower age restrictions to at least 14+.