Butler basketball coach looking forward to this year’s season


Coach Geary, Butler’s current basketball coach, is ready for another season with the team to begin.

Raven Brison, Student Reporter

Butler Traditional High School has a lot of sports, but one of the most popular ones is basketball. 

The Butler basketball team has been getting ready and just hosted tryouts this past weekend with coach, Kevin Geary, gearing up for, what he hopes to be, a great season with the team. 

Coach Geary has enjoyed coaching basketball for 12 years.  

“I enjoy being around the players—being around them, being around this school in particular. There’s a lot of school spirit in the school, not like some of the other places I’ve been before. But most of all, it’s the relationships that I have with my players. I spend a lot of my time with them. I told them I spend more time with them during the season than I do with my own son,” Coach Geary said. 

Coach Geary detailed how he has actually been coaching the sport since his high school days.

“When I was in high school, I tried out my sophomore year. I tried out for the basketball team, and I was absolutely terrible. Like my jump shot was weak, just terrible. And I got cut from the basketball team, but I was offered a manager position with the basketball team at my high school. I took the position, so I have been coaching since high school,” Coach Geary said. 

Coach Geary is looking forward to another season with the Butler Bears Basketball program.