An inside look at Butler Cheer


The Butler cheer team has been active at the school for over 10 years.

Texus Brown, Student Reporter

Many people around the world would like to see what it’s like to be a cheerleader, whether that’s an All-star, a co-ed, a cheerleader on College GameDay, or a high school cheerleader. Let’s take a look at the Butler Cheer Program, for example, to get an inside look into high school cheer.

Butler cheer is known to be a “positive, disciplined environment.” It’s a team with several  girls who show multiple talents on the mat. Working hard is a big part of Butler cheer, but bonding and making sure there is a family is also important to these girls and their coaches.

The Butler cheer program has been in action for more than 10 years. This foundation has been built on wins and losses but, most importantly, many generations of girls that work hard to make this organization what it is today.

Raelynn King, a junior at Butler, says she “always knew she was coming to Butler and that she wanted to do high school cheer.” King also mentions that she’s had older family members who attended Butler, which persuaded her to follow in their footsteps.

Someone who hasn’t cheered before may think that cheer is only performing sideline cheers at a football game, and others may think that you have to do elite backflips to be able to cheer. Here at Butler, this is not the case. Coach Missy Pfister says, “As long as you work hard and are coachable” chances of being in the cheer program are a smooth sail.

King also mentions that Butler cheer has taught her that “being a team and being family is way more important than the skills you have in general.”

Another cheerleader, Junia Riders, a senior at Butler, says that Butler cheer has taught her more about “stunting, such as a roundoff back handspring ups and low to highs.”

This shows that joining the team here at Butler isn’t all about what’s on the mat, but also the individuals who are out on the mat as a family. If you’re interested in cheering and would like to join the team for the 2023–2024 season, definitely give it a try.

For now, watch the Bears take on the season as they are looking forward to their “Unfinished Business.”

Texus Brown is currently a member of Butler’s Cheer team.