Butler Bears fall to Male Bulldogs 36–0


Male quarterback, senior Lucas Cobler, is this season’s player to watch, leading the Male Bulldogs to a win over the Butler Bears.

Jeremiah Gowah, Student Reporter

On Friday, September 23, the Male Bulldogs defeated Butler Traditional High School’s varsity football team in a blowout performance that ended in a 36–0 win over the Bears.

Male quarterback, senior Lucas Cobler (9), is this season’s player to watch. The best play of the game was by far Cobler’s 70-yard pass to Antonio Harris, Male sophomore.

Cobler went on to score 3 touchdowns and had a total of 83 passing yards.

The loss brings the Bears to an overall 2–4 win percentage.

The Bears play again on Friday, October 7, at Pleasure Ridge Park at 7:30 p.m.